Important Lead Generation Outsourcing Factors

lead generation outsourcing factors are widely ignored by businesses. Lead generation is one of the most common outsourced campaign in Business Processing Outsourcing industry. Despite the fact cold calling is not widely accepted as sales strategy by many individuals still it is a necessary evil in Business procession outsourcing. Lead generation is among one of the limbs of cold calling. A question arises are we getting enough from our outsourced telemarketing campaigns? The answer to this common question depends on various factors.

Let’s first talk about the data that we gave our call center agents to dial. Is it a raw or targeted data? It is quite obvious if we are using a raw data; the quantity will be less on the other hand if the we have targeted data for campaign the quantity and quality will be high. Using targeted data also give rise to a question, whether the data has been dialed previously. If it is dialed previously quantity and quality will vary.

Using targeted data is the first factor for generating quality leads. Second factor is the most crucial as it depends upon the dialing agents. Agent’s accent and understanding of the campaign and targeted data will not improve the lead quality but will also maximize the quantity as well. Offshore call centers is a solution for cost reduction but it raises concerns about quality. As they are paid on performance and their revenue is dependent on the number of leads they generate. In call center industry higher number of leads does not necessary means that the return on investment will be high.

If our main objective is to receive high return on our investment only quality lead generation should be adopted. Which means only those call center should be assigned the campaign who believe in quality rather than quantity. A lot of businesses adopt the opposite strategy and this is the reason cold calling and telemarketing is considered most hated tactic among general public. When general public is the targeted market we should give priority to our consumers and should respect their privacy and their time. We should not indulge in business tactic that is slowly and gradually reducing the sales on the telephone. Raw data includes names and number of those individuals who opted for “No call list”, despite the fact they have opted still they receive calls. If these issues have not be addressed by businesses we will see less returns on our investment and as a business man we should think about making a better sales environment for our consumers.