How to Add Tab and Remove tab in Salesforce?

How to add Tab / Remove tab in Salesforce. New users always face this problem when they are working in Saleforce CRM for the first time. They will be asking how can they customize their list of tabs in the App they are currently working in. Salesforce is all about user friendliness interaction.

Lets do it step by step.

Click on the + sign, You can also see the snapshot below

Step One for Add Tab on Salesforce


Once you clicked the Plus sign, You will see the following window with list of all the tabs available. The image is slightly bigger but I have cropped it down to show you the part with the “customize my tabs” option. You will see that option in the right hand side.

Step Two adding tabs in Salesforce


Click Customize my tabs. You will see the following screen of Customize my tab.

Step Three Customize my tabs Salesforce

Here you can choose which tabs you want to display in your apps. Simply highlight the name of the name of the tab listed in the panel on your right hand side and  click add or remove depending upon your requirment. You can also use the up and down button to move the tabs up and down the way you want to customize it for yourself. Some users may want to see the tabs they work most frequently to appear on their right and vice verse.

Once you have added your desired list of tabs click on the save. This will add your desired list of tab in Salesforce.