Choosing a Domain Name for your Law Firm

Domain Names Extension and SEO for Lawyer

Choosing a domain name is a critical part of search engine optimization. It’s important mainly because it relates to the identity of your website. Your URL address will be remembered and most frequently referred to by you and your clients. In Online world your business is known by its URL address. Once you have successfully registered a domain name for your law firm you will put your web address on business cards. You might also mention the URL on your social networks. In my previous posts I heavily emphasized on having a meaningful domain name. In relation to Law Firms and Attorneys, however, I will explain it in more depth as Attorneys have to comply with advertising laws.

In some states Attorneys are not allowed to have a domain name for their law firm with keywords or other business terms associated with it. This is perfectly fine in the Search Engine World. A domain name which includes the Attorney name is as effective as a domain name for instance broken rib bones claims dot com. There is no website with the name broken rib bones claims dot com, this is just a generic name that came in my mind. A website with an Attorney name as a URL can also be optimized for the keyword broken rib bones claims.If you do not have a domain name registered I would suggest if you want to practice law you must register a domain name for instance, I have registered my name, may be in the near future I can utilize this domain name.

The cost of a domain name is nominal. Anyway, coming back to the point I was about to make that it does not matter if your domain name does not have a keyword in it. In past SEO experts used to recommend  on having a domain name with keywords. But this is not the case now as Google has made new Algorithm changes which evaluates your domain name on a lot of factors. One suggestion I would like to make over here is to register a  domain for your law firm name that can become a brand and easy to remember. A domain name on the other hand, which is hard to remember will be difficult to type and you might lose clients as these typing errors or spelling mistakes might end them on different websites. Longer names are also very difficult to remember and might result in typos. Avoid use of any dashes “-“ in names for instance a domain name a-b-c-d-e dot com does not look good. Consider it a tip from SEO Expert that longer tends to bring less traffic as they are hard to remember and difficult to type. Imagine your customer is search on mobile device and it will be difficult for him/her to type long domain names for example “your best injury lawyer in Detroit dot com”. This is also an imaginary domain name as there are a lot of domain names which are too long.

What you can always do is redirect the domain name to dot com domain if you have registered it in different extensions. One of the reason I mentioned that you must register a domain name as the older the domain name it’s relatively easy to get higher rankings. The reason might be with the passage of time some websites might link to that domain name. You might have referred your domain name to friends and mentioned on different social media networks. In short its always good to have a domain name that will easy to remember and easy to type.



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