Fail Fast in Digital Marketing, Find right marketing Strategy

Fail Fast in Digital Marketing, Find right marketing Strategy

Now here is what successful digital marketing does, when they test a specific marketing strategy they do it fast mode. They analyze their results revisit their strategy and rewrite it. The faster you revisit your strategy the more likely will succeed soon. It’s mother nature, we all learn from our mistakes.

This post I am writing specifically to a question asked on Quora regarding marketing about startups. I will limit myself to whole digital marketing and optimizing startup website business. One of the issues I have seen in the past is not knowing your target audience. We have business, we do not know who our target audience are. If we do know who our target audience we are unaware how to approach them. Few things that are must for any business are as follows.

Website: Make sure your website has as much information about the product and services your business is offering. The website should be mobile friendly to target audience using mobile devices. I wrote a few posts about choosing domain names, make sure you know the importance of the domain name. In short your URL domain should be easy to remember and type. Avoid using longer domain names. Some business prefers to add a geographic location name in their domain name other prefer not to use it. In my opinion both approaches work. I prefer to use short and meaningful names. Having a keyword in domain name also does not matter as you can optimize your website for specific keywords.

Physical Location: Physical location is as much important as having a website. I have noticed some website do not prefer to list their physical locations. The problem with not having a physical location is that you will not engage your local customers. Let’s take an example of a business that is providing services in Detroit, Sterling Heights, Shelby Township and Warren. Your customer wants to visit in person to discuss about your product. Sometimes customers prefer to use local businesses for a variety of reasons. If your business is offering services locally, you must provide your physical location in contact page. This is also one of optimizing the contact page.

Email and Contact Form: email and contact form is very important. I will discuss the importance of the email in the local search results optimization. Let’s discuss the importance of a contact form. You can easily track conversion if you are using Google Analytic tools or any other analytic tools. The trick in the contact form is to avoid asking unnecessary information. If the form is few fields with relevant questions, the chances of generating inquiries are more. Try to reach out to the inquiries as promptly as possible. Never avoid replying, you never know which customer will leave a positive review for your website.

Phone Number: The more websites I analyze, I see a trend where businesses are avoiding to provide a telephone number. Providing a phone number is like giving customer an alternative way to contact and find more information about your products. A customer asks a variety of questions, for example, they might ask for visiting hours. Some customer may ask about other products they are looking for.  These are customers that are looking for quick responses, email or fill-in contact form might not be convenient for them. Another importance of a phone number is on local search result which  I will discuss in local search optimization.

Optimizing Your Website

Now this part is related to what is  Search Engine Optimization? Let us touch briefly as I am sure we all love to work on our website and we will continue to research and find different ways  to optimize our website.  We are always looking for best practices for search engine optimization. Let’s start with the home page, make sure your homepage content is useful. I have noticed some websites do not have content on the homepage. I prefer to have some information for customers on the homepage to give them an overview what the website is about? Analyze competitor’s websites to know and understand the approach they are using. This is one of the best ways to find examples of content marketing that works in your industry. Do some research on the title of your pages, products and services. Use meaningful title avoid stuffing keywords. Always remember excess of everything is bad.  You can find a lot of useful resources for on page optimization on different blogs and forums. Make sure your website content is useful and it provides benefit to the reader.

Social Media: Once your website is complete your next step should be to  register accounts on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkdin, Pinterest, Yelp and others. Many businesses have social accounts, but they prefer to update some and rarely update other social profiles. Always update your profiles on social media once a month as that will give you much benefit in terms of off-page optimization. I always remember that sharing is caring, so if you care about your products and website you should share it on social media.

Pictures and Images: In my past experience I have noticed we rarely give importance to images and photos of services or products we are offering. Do not forget that nearly all search engines have image searches. To do better on image searches you will have to use high definition pictures. The approach I use over here is if I have a product, website and I am adding my product on Google Plus, I would prefer to use a different picture than the one I used on Facebook. Always share pictures of your product on social media. Make a sales call with useful information about the product. Do not just share the product, try to add little value by adding information containing the keywords that are commonly searched. Once you have social media accounts try to claim your unique URL. Make it consistent with other social media accounts you have. As this can help in future brand management. Engage with the audience on social media. Outreach your friends and customers ask them about their opinion. This is also a strategy to reach the influencers in the market.

Local Search Optimization or Local SEO or Local Citation: Do not ignore or underestimate the power of local search. Your customers are searching for products on their android devices and they might be searching while logged into to their Google mail accounts. Chances are websites optimized locally will show in the first ten positions of the search engine result page. Let me give an example, over here, your company is offering services in Detroit, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights and Warren. You should optimize for geographic location for Detroit, Shelby Township, Sterling Heights and Warren. You can find some good blogs in Detroit and Sterling Heights. Reaching Blog moderators is easy, try to contribute to their blogs. Similarly Local Search Directories are another good way to optimize your website local search results.

In short, if you use the above mentioned strategy you should keep one thing in mind to “Fail Fast in Digital Marketing, unless you find right marketing Strategy” that works for your business. Utilize every single marketing technique to reach your customer. Remember, if you are still thinking whether to go for Search Engine Optimization or hire an SEO Specialist or consult with SEO Consultant, your competitor might be doing this already. In digital Marketing if you are late you are losing customers.

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