Analytic tools changing the world around us

As the title of this posts suggests its all about the data analytic and how it can change the world for you. Analytics tool if implement properly in the current  model of any business process can open new dimensions. Dimensions that were never discovered before.  Customers that were never approached before. Leads can be converted that were considered out dated. A known crisis the company’s sees today is dealing with big data. But it will indeed be unfair to highlight the common cause for failure in Digital Analytic.

Sometimes we do use analytic tools but are unaware of the amazing things it can do for any website. I believe use of technology without the knowledge and skill set can lead to a disastrous results. In my opinion if you own a website, you must track the user interaction on your website. Believing that the default tracking provided by your CMS systems is doing a great job is not the solution. If you are unable to track the visitor behavior you will not be able to understand the intent of the visitor. To understand user intent and behavior you must indulge a person who is aware of search engine trends with expertise in different niche. Today its more about intent based marketing approach to target user intent. Google Analytic is a necessary evil to track and monitor your user behavior.

Now lets talk about the big data, I myself have heard this term a lot of time. The question is are we utilizing our big data in the most productive way.  Is our approach giving us the predictive result? When it comes to judgement we can be the best judge but in terms of data. We need to have proper tools and matrix to interpret the data. Utilize every single aspect of it whether its the present conversion or future conversion. We must create business logic enhancing our business processes. Interpret the data in a way to not only improve the business process but also to make informed decision with our future marketing strategies.

A definition of insanity is doing one thing over and over expecting a different result. It true with marketing if you are doing one thing over and over you are not only exhausting your resources but also failing to achieve certain goal as well. Best practice for analytic is to explore for yourself. For those looking to find more about Google Analytic but they are unable to do it because they do not own a website. Well the good news is you can make a free blog on and add the url of your blog in Google Analytic. I will not tell any information about analytic as I want the readers to have a real time experience by doing it yourself.

Tracking and Monitoring by using Analytic tools like Google Analytic can be implemented for social media and email marketing campaigns. To effectively use this tools you can use funnel and goals depending upon your business process. Assign values to goals, if you see variation for instance you see a lot of abandoned shopping carts. Now is the time to optimize your landing pages and make your shopping cart more use friendly. This will enhance the user experience and you will see more conversions and sales coming your way. For email marketing CRM can be used to effectively manage the database. Managing subscribers list is critical part in email marketing. Analytic tools can be helpful in all aspects of business but right tools does not mean that the result can be achieved over night. Right tools with right marketing plan will bring the desired results.