SEO for Lawyers and Law Firms

Being a law graduate and SEO expert, let me give some tips for Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms.  How to retain more clients Online from your website. First of all, let us start with the searching behavior of the customers, we do not need to look into surveys and stats to find out how many people search for law firms. We know our clients are searching over the internet  the question is how easily they can find you on Search Engines. Search Engine Optimization is how our website can be easily reached to our customers.

Every year, thousands of Attorneys get admitted to the bar and some of them want to do a solo practice, whereas others want to practice law with other law firms. In my opinion, every lawyer admitted to the bar should know about SEO specially how it can be beneficial for their business. SEO can generate legal leads for your legal practice. In digital marketing, there are a lot of myths about SEO. Optimizing title pages of your website and meta keywords and description is just part of the game. Registering for different listing websites in SEO world we call it directories is just a small portion of digital marketing. Putting some videos and news releases will just give you some benefits, but the question is what if every single law firm website does the same.  How websites are being differentiated by Search Engines namely Google, BING and Yahoo.

I understand what every single Attorney does is analysis, so let’s analyze Search Engine Optimization for Lawyers. Keep reading my posts as I will be analyzing every single tactic in relation to Legal Practice this will includes information such as. What makes your website unique and useful, why should it be ranked in the top ten search results?  How can you make on page optimization such as title tag, meta tag, meta description, keyword analysis and more. How you can effectively optimize social media for your law firm or law practice. How to build effective link building strategy?

Instead of searching for keywords such as ” SEO for Lawyers” and “SEO for Law Firms”, let us find out how Search Engine Optimization can benefit our business.  I will be posting articles in this category so keep visiting my blog.

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